Romania is a country surrounded by stories, from Bram Stoker’s Dracula to the haunted forest of Hoia Baciu. Romanians are also amongst the most welcoming people in Europe, and it is easy to overstay in every city you step foot in.

Top Things To Do In Timisoara

My first city in Romania and by far one of the best stops I could have made, Timisoara. This small city in the northwest part of Romania is the perfect spot to get away from it all.

Beautiful sights, plazas, and parks, Timisoara has it all to help visitors relax and enjoy all of its beauty.


Travelling To Cluj-Napoca

Transilvania’s unofficial capital, Cluj-Napoca is a vibrant student city in the northern part of Romania.

Cluj has some of the best architecture this side of Romania, and is home to a haunted forest.


Hoia Baciu – A Hike In Romania’s Haunted Forest

Ever been so scared of a place that you almost crapped your pants when you went???
Empty buildings, a wrecked train and a thunderstorm all contributed to such add to the scary experience…..


Sighisoara – The Most Colorful City In The World

Sighisoara, the fairy tale town of Transylvania. The moment I entered I felt like I was part of a fable, this city is everything you would imagine Transylvania to be and more. Read on to check it out.



Brasov – Romania’s Most Popular Destination

Dracula’s castle, the Rasnov Citadelle, and an overall charming place to be. These are the a few of the reasons that make Brasov the most visited city in all of Romania.



My Eastern Europe Travel Expenses

What does it cost to travel in eastern Europe?

This list details all of my expenses for the month and a half I spent travelling through eastern Europe.

All costs including transportation, food, accommodation, and more.