It has now been 5 months since I stepped foot in Nepal, four of which I’ve spent in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While the first few weeks were quite limiting in terms of movement, it did give me an opportunity to go over the hundreds of photos I took during the month I did go around Nepal.

 So here is an album of my best photos of Nepal, by order for all the towns and cities I got a chance to visit.


The capital, and almost everyone’s first stop in Nepal.

Kathmandu is a great city, with impressive views and an energy of its own, unparalleled anywhere else in Nepal. From temples to streets to nightlife, Kathmandu is worth a few days of your trip to soak in the true energy of Nepali people and life.

Photos of Kathmandu, Nepal

Photos of Nepal

Photos of Patan, Nepal

Nepal in photos



Just like Kathmandu offers the best nightlife in all of Nepal, Pokhara offers the best of nature. 

Amazing views of the Himalayas, treks that are out-of-this-world, and a fantastic laid-back attitude combined with a beautiful setting make Pokhara the best place to spend most of your time in Nepal.

Views of the Himalayas, Nepal

Views from World Peace Pagoda - Pokhara, Nepal

Photos of Pokhara, Nepal


Tansen, a small corner of Nepal that is seldom visited only by those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience.

Tansen is small and offers limited activities and options on things to do, but given the opportunity, Tansen is a pleasant surprise. Its charming streets and slow pace are what makes this small town with perfect views to the Himalayas one of the best places to get away from the tourist trail.

Views of the Himalayas from Tansen

Photos of Tansen, Nepal

Streets of Tansen, Nepal



Lumbini was by far my least favorite place in all of Nepal. 

While there is something about Lumbini that seems to attract tourists, whether it is its proximity to India or the fact that it’s the birthplace of Lord Buddha, I found it to be a place that failed to charm all despite its beautiful temples.

Photos of Lumbini, Nepal

Photos of Nepal

Nepal in photos


Chitwan was one of my favorite places in all of Nepal. Small, laid-back, and filled with many options on how to enjoy nature best. Elephant and rhino sightings inside of town are normal, as well as beautiful sunsets by the river.

Sunset in Chitwan, Nepal

Chitwan safari, Nepal

Photos of Chitwan, Nepal

Photos of Nepal



One short hour away from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur is everything you wished you could find in the capital. 

Beautiful historic streets and beautiful temples can be found all over this historic town. But the main and most important attraction is the calmness that reigns throughout Bhaktapur, making it a very big contrast with the noise hustle of Kathmandu.

Photos of Bhaktapur, Nepal

Sunset in Bhaktapur

Streets of Bhaktapur, Nepal



While Nagarkot was indeed on the list of places I visited in Nepal, it is the place I saw the least courtesy of falling sick during my stay there. As such, not only did I not really get an opportunity to see the best Nagarkot had to offer, but it is because of Nagarkot (and being sick there) that I neded up being stuck in Nepal for a subsequent couple of months.

Views of Kathmandu Valley in Nagarkot, Nepal

Nagarkot, Nepal

Photos of Nagarkot, Nepal


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