The Netherlands is one of the most visited countries in western Europe, mainly because of Amsterdam’s popularity amongst travellers. But the Netherlands is more than just Amsterdam; with amazing architecture, rich history and beautiful sights, the Netherlands is an unmissable country in every Eurotrip.

Best Day Trips From Amsterdam

When one thinks of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the place that first comes to mind. But there are so many different beautiful places in the Netherlands to visit. Here are a few options for the best day trips to take near Amsterdam.

10 Years Later, I Came Back To Amsterdam

10 years ago I partied my way through Amsterdam. This time, my travel experience was different and I got to experience some of the more authentic Amsterdam.

My Western Europe Travel Costs

What does it cost to travel in Western Europe?

Find out with my detailed list of expenses, day-by-day, item-by-item, from all my time spent travelling through western Europe.