Writer’s Block In Prague

While trying to get inspired on what to write about Prague, I came to the sudden realization that I had nothing! I was having a writer’s block in the middle of Prague!

Nothing came to mind. Not a city guide, not even a single misadventure…..NOTHING! NADA!! ZILCH!!!, Prague had not given me one single event to write about! It was then that I came to the realization that I had just run into my first major writer’s block.

Why Prague?

A week ago today, Prague was not even on my travel plans.

Since coming to Europe, I had been followed by shitty weather everywhere I went, so bad that I caught a cold last week while in Berlin.

So with plenty of time and kleenexes in hand, I started looking up buses to Warsaw in Poland. But when I saw that Poland was even colder than Berlin, I said no freaking way! and instead, booked a ticket to Prague where temperature was a tad warmer.

My entire stay in Prague went perfectly. Other than the larger-than-what-I-can-handle crowds, I was able to visit every site I wanted to see. I experienced local transport every time I needed to get out of the city center, and it went perfect! Hell, I even got to see the most perfect sunset from the tower on Charles’ Bridge…I mean, just look at those colors!

And That’s When I Realized It…I Had Nothing To Write About

So as always I put my laptop on the table, cup of coffee on the side, and start writing the first lines of a first draft.

But this time is different……

This time, nothing is coming to mind.

I’m staring at a blank page……

“Oh I know”, and I write, Have you ever been to Prague?…..

DELETE! “That sounds stupid…..”

“I got it!”, finally I start, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited…..

“For fuck’s sake this sounds so cliché!”. DELETE!

2 full hours later, I still had nothing.

I had to do something.

So I went out for a walk, looked at the major sights again. Charle’s Bridge, Prazký Hrad, I even buy one of those awful Czech Donut ice cream cones. I feel I’ve cleared my head enough, so I go back to the hostel and…..


Why Not Write About The Sights

It’s not to say that Prague doesn’t have any beautiful sights.

In fact, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever spent foot on. And therein lies the problem…..

Every blog I read for inspiration praises the sights of Prague. The majority of articles I browsed sing praises on the city’s beautiful landmarks. City guides abound for Prague.

And I just couldn’t get myself to do a repeat of what has been done so many times already.

So I continued to stare at a blank page.

Zero Misadventures…..Except One

Since I started my travels 4 months ago, I fell ill because of altitude sickness in Huaraz, I had a monkey ride on my shoulders in Iquitos, I saw my entire hiking group almost dying of thirst in Sogamoso. I had a story to tell for every city I had been to, except for Prague.

The worst thing that happened to me in the 4 days I spent in Prague was the ice-cream piece of that awful Czech donut cone falling to the ground. A disaster yes, because I did not like the taste of the cone itself, but not disaster enough so I can put 1000 words around it.

Haircut in Prague

A full day of staring at a blank screen had already passed and I still had nothing. So I decided to put myself on the line and I went to get a haircut.

Now I know there is nothing crazy about getting a haircut. I mean, even dogs get haircuts right?

But a haircut in Prague is quite an experience. Looking for a barber who will not charge a ridiculous price is hard enough; many barbers in Prague go for the “stylish” haircuts (whatever that means). Many barbershops are also “gentlemen’s clubs” (really, whatever THAT means), and offer clients complimentary glasses of whisky and what not…..I only needed a haircut.

So I found one way out of the city. Let’s just say that this is one time where I wished I spoke fluent Czech…..I GOT MUTILATED!

I was given a semi-military haircut, Czech style, almost all shaved on the sides and back. Now my head is cold 24/7.

Back To My Blank Page

“Why am I running into this problem?”

“Why now?, Why can’t I think of anything to write?”

“Why is my head so freaking cold?”

And then I realized what it was. It was then that I realized that maybe, unconsciously I had played it too safe.

Before coming in to Prague, I had been warned and read many reviews about the city center being a tourist trap, which it is. Everything is especially priced for tourists in Prague’s Old Town. Everything is set up to attract tourists and charge them double (or more) of what anything is worth.

Just as an example, a postcard I bought outside of the center cost me 10 CZK. The same postcard inside the Old City would cost 50 CZK. RIP OFF!!!

But that over cautiousness was now costing me in terms of creativity. And now on my last day in Prague, I find myself with full of photos but nothing to say about them. I find myself void of ideas on what how my Prague experience went, mainly because I did things like clockwork, and did not allow myself room for flexibility.

Until I realized…….

“Why not write about my writer’s block experience?”

So I started:

[1st line]: While trying to get inspired on what to write about Prague, I came to the sudden realization that I had nothing!…….

My head is cold…..

Was there a time where you hit writer’s block on any task? How did you get out of it?

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block In Prague

  1. I can relate so much to the block 😀 and it is exactly like that when I’m writing a draft 🙂

    And hey, you just wrote an article about Prague! 🙂

    • It happens to me AAAAAALLLLLLLLLL the time, but never this bad!!!
      How many times do you write a draft before you post? Sometimes it takes me 3-4 times!
      I’m just glad I was able to meet my deadline for this one 🙂

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