My Western Europe Expenses

It’s that time of my trip again when I get to reveal my list of expenses!

Western Europe was kind of a tricky trip. Part of it I spent on the road sleeping in hostels and the usual jazz, while the second part I spent visiting friends in Amsterdam and Berlin. But somehow I seem to have replaced accommodation fees with going-out fees for these cities.

So here it is, once again, my list of expenses for each and every Euro cent I paid, in painful detail. Enjoy!

Number of Days Spent in Western Europe: 27 Days / 26 Nights

Total Money Spent: €1,118.19 / $1,675.67 CAD / $1,222.64 USD
Average Spent per Day: 41.41 / $62.06 CAD / $45.28 USD

Accommodation: 229.44 / $342.26 CAD / $251.35 USD
Transportation: 259.25 / $386.94 CAD / $284.06 USD
Food: 306.19 / $458.82 CAD / $334.74 USD
Alcohol: 231.64 / $346.94 CAD / $254.31 USD
Entrance Fees: €49.00 / $73.39 CAD / $53.80 USD

Streets of Gent

Countries Visited: 5

Cities Where I Stayed: 6

These include all costs incurred in each of these cities, including accommodation, food, activities, and entrance fees:

Average Cost Per City & Per Night:

  • Gent (2 nights): €59.58 / $88.95 CAD / $65.26 USD
  • Bruges (2 nights): €71.97 / $107.42 CAD / $78.83 USD
  • Lille (3 nights): €55.36 / $82.64 CAD / $60.64 USD
  • Luxembourg City (2 nights): €57.76 / $86.22 CAD / $63.24 USD
  • Amsterdam (12 nights)*: €29.19 / $43.57 CAD / $31.96 USD
  • Berlin (5 nights)*: €31.28 / $46.69 CAD / $34.25 USD

*Hosted by friends, no accommodation paid

Although Gent and Bruges happen to be the cities where I spent the most, this is mainly due to the transportation costs which I divided between the 2 cities. As such, if you’re only planning to pass through Brussels, Bruges and Gent, the above price will definitely be about €10 lower per city (more details in the “transportation” section of this article).

Cities Visited on Day Trips: 5

These include the price of transportation to go and come back to the city I left from (e.g. Luxembourg City – Vianden – Luxembourg City), as well as all expenses of spending the day in the city.

Cost Per City For The Day:

  • Vianden (from Luxembourg City): €20.05 / $29.93 CAD / $21.96 USD
  • Zaanse Schans (from Amsterdam): €14.20 / $21.20 CAD / $15.55 USD
  • Utrecht (from Amsterdam): €26.10 / $38.97 CAD / $28.58 USD
  • Haarlem (from Amsterdam): €27.78 / $41.47 CAD / $30.42 USD
  • Potsdam (from Berlin): €17.65 / $26.35 CAD / $19.33 USD

City center in Bruges


Total Cost Of Accommodation: €229.44 / $342.26 CAD / $251.35 USD

Accommodation here refers to only dorm rooms and excludes Amsterdam and Berlin where I was hosted by friends.

Accommodation Average Per Night: €25.49 / $38.05 CAD / $27.93 USD

The average per night above was divided only by the 9 nights I spent in hostels and excludes the free accommodation in Amsterdam and Berlin.

Accommodation Prices Per Night Per City:

Luxembourg’s accommodation costs were by far the most expensive of all the European cities I visited (and possibly of those I didn’t too). I stayed in the only youth hostel I could find in the city, and the cost was very high when compared to other cities.

Central plaza of Lille


Almost all of my movements through Western Europe were done by train, with the only exception being a bus taken from Amsterdam to Berlin.

The below prices include all transportation costs, including both trains/bus to change locations as well as transport for one-day visits.

Total Cost of Transport: €259.25 / $386.94 CAD / $284.06 USD

Cost of Transport Per Country:

  • Belgium*: €82.20 / $122.73 CAD / $90.13 USD
  • France: €14.10 / $21.05 CAD / $15.46 USD
  • Luxembourg: €26.90 / $40.16 CAD / $29.49 USD
  • Netherlands: €75.05 / $112.06 CAD / $82.28 USD
  • Germany: €61.00 / $91.08 CAD / $66.87 USD

*I purchased a 10-trip ticket when I arrived into Belgium, and made it my hub to travel to France, Luxembourg and Netherlands. In other words, my itinerary was as follows:

Brussels Airport → Gent → Lille → Bruges → Luxembourg → Amsterdam (train passed through Belgium) → Berlin

As such the 10-trip ticket was extremely useful to avoid paying each time I took the train. However this cost can be lowered if your itinerary only involves a few cities in Belgium and you’re only moving in one direction.

Beautiful sights of Vianden


Eating out can be quite expensive in western Europe, which is why I aimed to almost avoid eating out and instead, I opted to buy groceries whenever I could.

Total Cost of Food: €306.19 / $457.35 CAD / $335.93 USD

  • Total cost of eating out: €244.71 / $365.60 CAD / $268.45 USD
  • Total cost of groceries (about 10 days worth of food): €61.48 / $91.85 CAD / $67.44 CAD

Average Cost of Food Per Day: €11.34 / $16.94 CAD / $12.44 USD

Going Out

This time I’m adding my expenses of my nights out while in Europe. If you’re the quiet type and you do not go out much, you can scratch these right off your list.

Total Cost of Going Out: €231.64 / $346.94 CAD / $254.31 USD

Going out for King’s Day in Amsterdam

Entrance Fees

Total Cost of Entrance Fees: €49.00 / $73.39 CAD / $53.80 USD

  • Castle of Counts (Gent): €10.00
  • Chocolate Museum (Bruges): €8.00
  • Museum of Torture (Bruges): €8.00
  • Vianden Castle (Luxembourg): €7.00
  • Underground Bunker (Berlin): €11.00
  • City Tour (Berlin): €5.00

Most sights in Europe can easily be reached by train or bus, and therefore costs can be kept low by avoiding taking a tour and instead going to see the sites on your very own.

Sansoussi park in Potsdam


Most of these can be scratched off the total cost of the trip, as many of these may not apply to you. However, in the spirit of full disclosure, here they are:

  • Public washrooms: €7.6
  • Postcards and mail: €8.8
  • Laundry: €6.50

One of the unexpected expenses in Europe is the one for use of public restrooms. The cost is small, however quite annoying to have in there :s

In Summary

The western part of Europe is decidedly a beautiful but an expensive trip. Although at roughly €41 per day, I was able to keep the cost of this part of my trip as low because I had the chance to be hosted by friends for a good portion of the trip (otherwise, the cost could have easily been of €60 per day).

However like that saying goes, we only have one life to live, so might as well splurge whenever we can!

Was this useful? Are these numbers in line with what you thought or with previous experiences? Let me know in the comments!

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