Colombia Travel Budget & Costs

What does it cost to travel in Colombia?

See how I managed to maintain daily costs of travel in Colombia under $35 USD per day for the 5 weeks I visited the country.

Price Haggling While Abroad

As a traveller, there are many situations in which we are overcharged for prices. This article discusses techniques on negotiating prices while abroad.

Afraid of Travelling Alone? You Shouldn’t Be, Here’s Why

Anytime I announce another solo trip, I get reactions at home that range between sheer amazement (“Wow! Alone?? Really??”) to overreacted concern (“you’ll get kidnapped!”).

But solo travel can bring some of the most amazing experiences one will ever live. Here are my reasons why you shouldn’t fear travelling alone.

Preparing a Gap Year

While the concept of taking a gap year is quite amazing, PREPARING for it really really REEEAAALLLY sucks!

Here is a list of the obvious and the not so obvious when preparing your gap year adventure.