Just like in everyday life, shit also happens when you travel.

In the 10 years I have been travelling, I’ve been locked in a souvenir shop, got left in the middle of nowhere by a tour bus, almost got attacked by a buffalo, rode in the back of a truck full of goats, got robbed, got scammed.

So why do I keep travelling??? Because I love it!

Because it is in these challenging situations where you get to see what you’re really capable of doing. And because some of them are downright hilarious.
Budget travelling isn’t always easy and it can be quite stressful. But I always get to live another day to tell the tale, and here they are:

How I Ended Up In 2 Police Stations in 2 Days While In China

The plan was to travel to Changbaishan during the Chinese holiday……without a passport.
Not the best of ideas.
But little did I know that this misadventure would result in getting kicked out of hotels, and ending up in 2 police stations in 2 days while travelling without a passport in China.

Being Left Behind By My Tour Group

Amongst my many misadventures in Krakow, Poland, one of the worst was when I was left behind on a rainy day by my tour group. Maybe I was snatching too many pictures???

Almost Drowning in Galápagos Islands

The day was nice, not one cloud in the sky, the weather was sunny and hot. Everything was perfect for my first scuba dive ever! When my day started at 8AM that morning, little did I know that 3 hours later I would be gasping for ear in the middle of the ocean, no one in sight.

The Day I Was Almost Beaten By Altitude Sickness

I love hiking, it’s one of my favorite activities to do in any new country I visit. But this time my visit to Huaraz, and more specifically my trek to Laguna 69, would and me 2 straight days in bed feeling like crap and wondering whether I should go to a hospital.

Hunted by Animals in Tanzania

Imagine sleeping tight and warm, and suddenly you hear a buffalo rustling outside of your tent. To make matters worst, your group scared off that buffalo just hours earlier. Did it hold a grudge? Was it back for revenge? Then a lion almost jumps on our jeep because we “interrupted its honeymoon”.

The Worst Travel Agency is in New Delhi

This was by far my worst experience with a tour agency, and it happened in one of the countries I loved the most. From almost dying at the hands of a tuk-tuk driver, to freezing to death in the tour bus, to being locked inside a souvenir shop, this tour agency had everything wrong with it. Oh yeah, at least I got to see the Taj Mahal.

A Sleepless Night in the Creepiest of Hostels in Trabzon

I am a big defender of hostels. I believe in them. Some of my best travel memories are from the amazing people who I met at hostels. But this one hostel in Trabzon was by far the worst. Rain coming in through the windows, mosquitoes in the room, and a complementary sock from the previous guest on the floor.

Getting Scammed by a Tuk-Tuk in Thailand

Day 1 in Thailand was more than I expected. Being literally kidnapped by my tuk-tuk driver and taken to pretty much every tourist trap in town was something I should have seen coming. Paying a deposit for a suit I would never get? I didn’t see that one coming.