A country rich in history and not short on amazing natural sights, such is Poland. Join me as I continue to make my way through Eastern Europe and discover Poland.

A Quartet Of Shit Luck In Krakow

Not the best start to my trip to Poland indeed. I lost a tour group, broke my notebook, and was failed by trusty Google Maps resulting in an overly exhausting walk through the city, with my backpack.

Ultimate City Guide to Wroclaw

Here is the ultimate city guide to touring the city of Wroclaw.

Find out the best sights, things to see and what to do in a short 2-day trip in the city.



Zakopane – Hike to Morskie Oko Lake

Everyone in Poland absolutely RAVES about Zakopane. A small resort town in southern Poland sitting at the feet of the Tatra mountains. Locals love it for its ski resorts in winter, and rock climbing and hiking options in summer.

Read all about my experience hiking on the nicest mountains in all of Poland.

My Eastern Europe Travel Expenses

What does it cost to travel in eastern Europe?

This list details all of my expenses for the month and a half I spent travelling through eastern Europe.

All costs including transportation, food, accommodation, and more.