North America

The continent I call home, North America is a continent offering a “different” style of travel. Comprising a vast area, an array of cultures and religions, and some of the most astonishing national parks in the world, a trip to North America deserves a place on your list.


Canada, the country I’ve called home for over 20 years. The place that welcomed me from my native South America and that, although it’s taken me some time, I have begun to travel and discover. Check out my reviews on my favorite, and not so favorite, cities in Canada.



Without any doubt one of the most exciting countries in all of North America, Mexico offers a good dose of both history and beauty. Its historical sites, its natural wonders, and its people and customs make Mexico a destination to not miss on the northern part of the Americas.





A country where big is the norm, where enormous skyscrapers meet some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. The USA is for many a once-in-a-lifetime destination. As its neighbour, it is a place I get to visit quite often.