When Will You Stop Travelling?

“When will you stop travelling?”

In the last couple of weeks, I have been asked this question several times. Whether it is for pure curiosity or unfounded concern, this question keeps popping up from different mouths everywhere I go.

And the answer is always the same: Never!

There are plenty of reasons why I will never stop travelling. The simplest one being, I love it.

Would you stop doing something you love simply because somebody asked you to?

Didn’t think so.

So why ask it from somebody else?

I will never stop travelling

Discovering new places, like Iguazu Falls in Argentina

I Get Bored Too Easily

I should actually say that I get bored EXTREMELY easy.

If something is not new and exciting, my mind will often end up wandering off.

If I’m talking to somebody and what they’re saying is not particularly interesting, I will often start thinking of something else right there and then. Surprisingly enough, I’ll still look as if I’m listening.

Rude? I know! But for someone with a short attention span as myself, keeping things interesting is a need!

This is also the reason why I left my old desk job. It just got too boring and repetitive. New days didn’t bring anything new, only the same as the day before. That was no way to lead a life.

So to get away from all that boredom, my mind wanders to far away places. Past travel experiences or places I’d love to go to and how long it will take me to get there. I mark down the country and look for cheap flights, even if it’s only to imagine preparing going there.

And all of a sudden, I get itchy feet.

Travelling allows me to meet people from all over the world

I Cannot Stay In One Place

Another reason why I will never stop travelling is that, really, I just cannot stay put in one place.

This has always been the case, but before I left home to travel the world I was able to contain the travel bug and keep it in check.

In my previous trips, I always ended up moving locations every couple of days so that I could really experience the country and see new things every couple  of days. I was never able to book a trip and stay in one place for the length of the trip.

Some people can, I can’t (and there is nothing wrong with either).

But since I started travelling, the need to move every couple of days is eating at me. Like that claustrophobic feeling, staying in one place for too long makes me really anxious and itchy until the next time I get to start moving.

And moved on I have. During my first five months of the year, every few days I choose a new location where to stay. Every couple of days I would look for new cities and new countries. I have that need to live new things.

The need of new thrilling experiences, like biking down Death Road in Bolivia


The Need For New That My City Can’t Fulfil

The need to see new things, savour new tastes, try new activities! Essentially, the need to discover!

When I travel, I see new every day! I experience new cultures, try new dishes, drink new beers, meet new people, and see myself under a new light every day! Better yet, I get to see new and exciting places that I never would’ve thought I’d see if I had not adopted a nomadic lifestyle.

Since coming back home to Montreal for the summer, I have never been so bored. Even though Montreal is still a nice city to visit, it is still boring as hell with so many things I love to hate about Montreal.

I have never been so bored of seeing the same things over and over again, and even though I am travelling whenever I can while I await for my work visa to China, I still need that taste of new that only other cultures and visiting a new country can provide.

And this is a need that can only be fulfilled by travelling.

Travelling allows me to see different worlds

When Will I Stop Travelling?

I will never stop travelling.

I could never stop travelling.

For me, to stop travelling means to stop learning, to stop discovering, to stop being curious and not satisfy my curiosity.

Does that mean that I’ll never give up the nomadic style?

Not really.

After all, can anyone really afford (both monetarily and health wise) to travel for the rest of their days? I doubt it.

But the need to travel will always be embedded in me. I will always feel the need to go, sometimes for a short time, some other times for a long time.

Even if and once I choose a spot to live and settle down, the need to travel will always be part of my life. So I will never stop travelling.

And you, when will you stop travelling?

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