My 2018 Travel Goals & Wish List

About a year ago, I wrote a long list of travel goals I had set myself for 2017……and I’ve failed miserably at them.

Not because I didn’t achieve any of the goals I had set up for myself, nor because 2017 was a bad year. In fact, 2017 has been the best freaking year of my life! But I didn’t do as smoothly when it came time to scratch things off my list; which is why this year, I’m being a little bit more cautious.

Last year, I had set myself 14 travel goals, all of them spread out in 4 different continents: Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East; but since I only made it to Asia and Europe, and time was limited due to having found a job in China, I was only about to scratch a mere 2 goals off my list:

  • Visit Dracula’s Castle (Bran) in Romania
  • Teach English at a school in Asia


I did not want for my 2018 travel goals to be the exact same as my 2017 travel goals, given my new work-travel reality and all. Although some of these 2018 travel goals do repeat themselves, I have updated the list considering that I will remain in Asia for the most part of the year.

My 2018 Travel Goals

Given my new reality, it comes as no surprise that my 2018 travel goals are mainly taking place in Asia. Although China is my hub, I hope to still be able to go around Asia during the summer holiday and after. (Disclaimer: the below photos are not mine, hence the watermarks on some of them).


ZHANJIAJIE National Forest Park:

The place that inspired the sights of the movie Avatar, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is an enormous stone forest park covering an area of about 3,600 Km². Located in the southeast part of China, this immense park is well known around the world for its tall pillar-like rock formations covering the park. This is a place I’ve had in my sight for quite a long time, so what better time than now?

Hike MOUNT HUASHAN (the world’s most dangerous hike):

The one reason that attracted me to China in the first place was to go to the top of Mount Huashan. Not recommended for the faint of heart, this death-defying climb goes up to 2,160 meters high through a series steel rods and wooden planks carved withing the cliff-side of the mountain. Nothing more than a rope connected to a harness and a chain running along the walls of the mountain are the only things separating climbers from certain death.


Located in the southwest part of China, not far from the border with Myanmar, is the city of Shangri-La (formerly known as Zhongdian Xian). The city reflects a huge Tibetan influence in both its houses, its people and their customs. It’s a part of China that is not explored by many tourists due to its somewhat far-away location, but one that apparently has an incredible authenticity not seen in more popular places like Beijing and Shanghai.

Other Countries in Asia

Visit PYONGYANG (North Korea):

I know, no need to tell me……crazy, I know. With every small trip I’ve taken from Changchun, I’ve gotten closer and closer, and more and more curious, about this secluded country. Last time, in Dandong, I took a boat ride in North Korean waters and got yelled at by a North Korean guard.


Ever since Myanmar opened its doors to tourism in 2012, it has remained one of those countries in my radar that I must ABSOLUTELY go to “before it’s too late” (and by that, I mean before it becomes another Thailand). Myanmar offers that special allure I love about off-the-beaten-path destinations; after all, a lack of tourists also proposes a bigger opportunity to interact with locals more.

2018 travel goals

And What Else?

There are so many other things I hope I will get to accomplish as part of my 2018 travel goals (like, most of my 2017 travel goals); but this time around I am keeping in simple in the hopes of under-promising and over-delivering. As you all know, plans change very quickly when you travel, and they did so much for me in 2017, and there is no reason to believe that 2018 will be any different.

What would you like to see me accomplish for this 2018 travel year? What are your own travel goals for this new year?

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