Is Las Vegas Overrated?

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…..especially your money.

In 2015, Yahoo! Travel ran a survey asking people to name, in their opinion, the most overrated city in the world. The biggest surprise was to see that the top 3 most overrated cities in the world belonged to the USA (which once you stop to think about, it’s not THAT surprising). However the biggest non-revelation was to see Las Vegas, yes Sin City, named as The World’s Most Overrated City.

So, is Las Vegas overrated? Is it really the most overrated city in the world?

The answer is easy, FUCK YEAH IT IS!!!!

Reasons Why Las Vegas is the Most Overrated City in the World

1. Vegas is Like a Washed-Up Actress Reeling On Her Old Glory Days

In the movie The Fighter, Christian Bale plays the role of Dicky Eklund, a former boxer-turned-crack-addict whose once claim-to-fame came in 1978 when he went the distance with one of the greatest boxers of all time at the time, Sugar Ray Leonard. Throughout the movie, Dicky reels about this one memorable era which had taken place many years before.

Kind of like Vegas does.

Decades ago, Las Vegas could have in fact very well been considered as the most sinning city in the whole world. Gambling, prostitution, drugs and alcohol have always flown high in Vegas, and people knew it. And alas, a reputation was born!

However, Las Vegas didn’t evolve. It still tries to bleed the same old argument that it is a sinner’s paradise and a 24/7 party city. It’s tiring.

Today, gambling, prostitution, drugs and alcohol are very much everywhere.

You only need to look at Amsterdam to realize that everyone has a daddy, even Vegas…..and it’s way more fun.

Is Las Vegas overrated?

2. The Parties are Good but…

Las Vegas has been glorified as a city where debauchery and partying are the norm. Movies like The Hangover have had a hand at glorifying Las Vegas as a city where crazy nights and the craziest parties happen all the time.

But if I really needed to fly thousands of miles to have a good time, maybe I should have a second look at myself and my friends and ask, are we the problem?

Going out and partying in Las Vegas is fun, without a doubt, but this can also be true anywhere you go.

Having a good time is not dependent on where you are, but how you are enjoying it and who you are enjoying your time with.

Going out to a club in your city or even a night out at your local bar can be just as fun, and definitely much cheaper.

Las Vegas is overrated

Las Vegas can also be really overwhelming

3. The House Always Wins

Why would you want to spend money in a place where all your life savings can be lost in 30 minutes or less?

I know, we all have that friend who has a friend who might have won a respectable amount of money at the tables (and by respectable, I mean anything over $1,000….Canadian).

But believe me when I say, that person is the exception, not the rule.

The rule is that, in Las Vegas (just like in any other casino) you are most likely to leave with less money than what you came for, sometimes even much less.

So, do you really need to pay a plane ticket and a pricey hotel room to go lose money? No you don’t. You can very likely do the same at home at your city’s casino. Encourage your local economy…..

The house ALWAYS wins

4. Everything is Ridiculously Overpriced

This is Las Vegas, what else did you expect?

5. Street and Hotel Food are Garbage

Unless you’re eating at a fancy Las Vegas hotel or a mid-to-high-end restaurant, expect garbage on a plate.

Much like the buffet at a resort, food in Las Vegas is not only very bad but also quite expensive. A meal at a respectfully good restaurant can set you back about $50.00 USD per person per meal, while going to eat at a mid-end restaurant can be from $20.00 USD to $30.00 USD per meal per person, for food that tastes like rubber.

Planning on surviving on fast food? Tough shit, prices are jacked up here too. Although we’re not talking double-price, an $8.00 USD combo anywhere in the US can cost up to $10.00 – $11.00 USD in Las Vegas, and you shouldn’t expect more fries for that.

Should You Not Go to Las Vegas?

That’s not what I said.

I’m just saying that I will never go again.

I get that Vegas is one of those places that people feel like they HAVE to go at least once in their life. I know I felt that way once and ended up going.

If you do end up going, keep in mind all of the above and count your dollars…..often. After all, you don’t want to end up broke at the end of the trip.

Research ahead and avoid high season (February to May & September to November) as well as the weeks leading to Christmas and New Year’s, as well as whenever there is a big convention in town. In other words, go during that one weekend left in the year when there is absolutely nothing going on in Vegas.

And don’t forget to see the REAL sights near Las Vegas; the Grand Canyon is only 4 hours away, while Angels Landing in Zion National Park (Utah) is only 3 hours away from the strip.

The Grand Canyon is probably more worth the visit

Still want to visit Vegas? Then check out this very useful article on the best time to visit Las Vegas written by my friends at It’s got extremely useful information on what to expect from Las Vegas throughout the year to prep your trip to Sin City.

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