Germany is one of my favorite destinations, and one country I somehow always end up visiting in each of my trips to Europe. Germany is a country with so much history, beautiful sights and castles. It is also home to the biggest (and greatest) beer festival in the world: Oktoberfest.

Like A Local In Berlin

Join me as I travel Berlin with the help of a local, and I discover what real Berliners love to do.

Munich, the Bavarian Alps, and Another Botched Relationship

I’m not sure what it is with me and Munich, but each time I plan on “going to Germany”, it always ends up in an “I went to Munich” trip.

I’m not sure if it’s the sights, the city, or the beer…but there is something about Munich that pulls me back there. It must be the beer, last time it was for Oktoberfest …definitely the beer.

My Western Europe Travel Costs

What does it cost to travel in Western Europe?

Find out with my detailed list of expenses, day-by-day, item-by-item.