My two times in Ecuador were meant for discovery of off-the-beaten-path locations. A visit to Loja and the Podocarpus National Park, the beautiful Galápagos Islands, laid back Cuenca, the Otavalo markets and the central capital of Quito and its Cotopaxi volcano. Ecuador was sure a land to fall in love with.

Crossing Borders – Ecuador to Colombia

Step-by-step guide on crossing the border between Ecuador and Colombia, all the way from the cities of Tulcán and Ipiales.

Read about safety tips, sightseeing opportunities while you wait, and more!




About That Time I almost Drowned Scuba Diving in Galápagos Islands

Scuba diving can be a dangerous sport, where anything going wrong can mean harm or possibly death.

This is about the time I almost drowned while scuba diving in the Galápagos Islands.

Why Galápagos Islands Needs to Be on Your Travel Radar

Off 1000 KMs off the coast from Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands are literally heaven on earth.

The islands are remote and unexplored, and are home to various animal species not seen anywhere else on the planet, including the giant turtles.

My 48 Hours in Cuenca – Ecuador

Cuenca is a small colonial city in the south of Ecuador’s andean region. The climate is mild and the city is beautiful, so much that locals will tell you that it is “by far” prettier than Ecuador’s capital, Quito.

Here is the story on how I ended up in Cuenca after my travel plans changed, and a guide on things to see in this colonial city.



Crossing Borders – Peru to Ecuador

A guide to crossing the border from Peru to Ecuador by land. Step-by-step instructions and what to expect in Tumbes, the border, and Huaquillas, as well as getting to your final destination in Ecuador.

Tips For Travelling Safely In South America

Safety is a concern when travelling in South America. Having visited 7 countries and over 30 cities in this amazing continent, here is my list of safety tips to stay safe while still enjoying travelling through South America.