South America

South America is a land of wonders, rich in history and culture. The continent has so much to offer, from historical ruins such as Machu Picchu in Peru, to the undiscovered islands of Galapagos in Ecuador, and so much in between. Its people, its food and its history will make you want to stay, maybe forever.


Brasil is the land of eternal partying. The beaches, the party scene, people I consider to be the friendliest of the planet, Brasil has everything to please some of the most extreme party goers.

Brasil also hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup, an unforgettable event I had the chance to attend.




Chile is surrounded on one side by over 6,000 KM of Pacific Ocean coastline, and by the Andes mountains on the other. A beautiful country with some of the best scenery on earth.





Colombia, the land of the best coffee in the world is a mountainous country situated in the north part of South America. Tourism has seen a huge resurgence  in the country in the last couple of years, putting behind a cycle of violence from the 80s and 90s due to the drug cartels. Today, Colombia is safe, its people are welcoming, its food is delicious, and its sights are fantastic.




My two times in Ecuador were meant for discovery of off-the-beaten-path locations. A visit to Loja and the Podocarpus National Park, the beautiful Galapagos Islands, laid back Cuenca, the Otavalo markets and the central capital of Quito and its Cotopaxi volcano. Ecuador was sure a land to fall in love with.





Peru has it all: the coast, the andes, and the jungle. There is something for everyone in Peru: history, delicious gastronomy, amazing architecture.

Peruvians are some of the friendliest and laid-back people you will ever meet. Their country is beautiful, and they know it, and they will go out of their way to make sure you are having a good time.