Turkey has been having its share of bad rep in the last few years. From terrorist attacks (by some fucking assholes) to a failed coup in 2016, Turkey has seen its tourist industry suffer in the last couple of years.

But Turkey is a rich country with lots to offer both in terms of natural and historic sites. A visit to Turkey will definitely leave you wanting to come back.

Trabzon – Off-the-Beaten-Path and a Sleepless Night

My last stop in Turkey was in Trabzon, to visit the Sumela Monastery. An off-the-beaten-path location which was simply an amazing discovery…except for a crappy hostel.

Visit Cappadocia Without Breaking the Bank

One of the unavoidable and mandatory stops during any trip to Turkey is Cappadocia. However this destination can be quite expensive with its many tours and places to see.

Here is a guide of activities to do while in Cappadocia all while spending less.


My Guide to European Istanbul

The European side of Istanbul is one of the most magnificent cities in the world

Its amazing temples, its streets with a touch of European and a certain taste of middle east are an amazing attraction to whomever comes pay a visit to marvellous Istanbul.