Colombia, the land of the best coffee in the world is a mountainous country situated in the north part of South America. Tourism has seen a huge resurgence  in the country in the last couple of years, putting behind a cycle of violence from the 80s and 90s due to the drug cartels. Today, Colombia is safe, its people are welcoming, its food is delicious, and its sights are fantastic.

Colombia Travel Budget & Costs

What does it cost to travel in Colombia?

See how I managed to maintain daily costs of travel in Colombia under $35 USD per day for the 5 weeks I visited the country.

Sogamoso & Villa de Leyva

My last two stops of my 2017 Colombia trip, Sogamoso and Villa de Leyva proved to be good choices and both managed to surprise me.

Best of all, they fit right in my budget 🙂

Hiking opportunities and beautiful neighboring towns filled my last week of travel in these amazing destinations.

Adrenaline Rush In San Gil

Maybe I’ve gone crazy, or maybe I’m just in need of a different type of rush.

In the last few years I have jumped of a plane, repelled down a mountain face first, and now in San Gil, bungee jumped and water rafted on a class 5 river.

My Week In Medellín

They call it the “city of eternal spring”, I call it the “city of eternal rain”.

Even though it rained for almost the entire week I went there, Medellín still managed to surprise me.

Beautiful neighborhoods, colorful towns in the outskirts of the city, and a violent history make Medellín one of the places not to miss in Colombia.

Why Salento Is A Must-See In Colombia

Salento…Oh beautiful Salento. Since I crossed paths with Salento, all other cities now feel like they’re missing something, something only Salento has.

Small and colorful, yet full of life, Salento has so much to offer its visitors, cool views, hikes, a relaxed ambiance. In the middle of Colombia’s coffee belt, it also offers perfect opportunities for coffee farm tours.

Backpacking in Southern Colombia

Unexplored and filled with adventure, the south of Colombia is worth the detour and a prolonged visit.

Read as I go through countless hikes and natural beauty, colonial towns and internet-less places.

Why I Might Never Leave Colombia

They say you only get once chance to make a good first impression.

Well Colombia ACED its first impression on me, and now I might just never leave.

My first two weeks in Colombia have been nothing short of amazing, and with still a few weeks to go I give my reasons why this marvelous country is one that just needs to be visited.

Crossing Borders – Ecuador to Colombia

Step-by-step guide on crossing the border between Ecuador and Colombia, all the way from the cities of Tulcán and Ipiales.

Read about safety tips, sightseeing opportunities while you wait, and more!




Tips For Travelling Safely In South America

Safety is a concern when travelling in South America. Having visited 7 countries and over 30 cities in this amazing continent, here is my list of safety tips to stay safe while still enjoying travelling through South America.