A country plagued with rich history and beautiful sights, this is China! Come with me as I travel through China for a full year while living the expat life in China.




It doesn’t matter where you have been before or how much travelling experience you have. The truth is that India will overwhelm all of your senses every single day you spend there.

From arriving without bags to thinking I had lost my passport to getting extremely sick on my last day, here is how I made it in and out of India in one piece….will I ever go back??? You bet!!!




Thailand can be relaxing and total madness all at the same time, and my time in Thailand was no different.  From the chaos of Bangkok to the beautiful jungles of Chiang Mai to the awesome beaches of Phuket, Thailand has something for every type of traveler. Try to make it out of Bangkok without being taken to a tailor shop or getting run over by a Tuk-Tuk…impossible!