The country that turned my life around. Join me through safaris and one of the most amazing islands in the world, as I finally get to find my real self and regain the will to pursue my dreams.

15 Pictures To Put Zanzibar On Top Of Your List

The beautiful archipelago of Zanzibar is located off the Tanzanian coast, and it’s a paradise.

These 15 pictures will make you want to pack your things and book the next flight to Zanzibar.

Unpredictable safari in TanzaniaAn Unpredictable Safari in Tanzania

Anything can happen during an African safari. Animals in general are quite unpredictable, and wild animals are even more so when you’re in their territory.

Now add people and their individuality into an unfamiliar situation and you end up with a large piece of “anything can happen”.

Read about my experience in what was a totally unpredictable safari.


Safari Planning in Northern Tanzania

An African safari is an experience like no other. Seeing animals in their natural habitat is unparalleled.

But planning a safari can be quite complicated. Here are some tips and things to consider to help you plan the safari of your dreams.



How a Trip to Tanzania Helped Me Cope With Depression

In life there are those once-in-a-lifetime events that quickly come and go and, without realizing it at the moment they have changed your life.

Here I tell my story on how a trip to Tanzania helped me cope with a depression I had been struggling with for almost a year.