A Perfect Day Trip To Vienna

I was not even supposed to go, but when I felt that I had already covered the ground in the city I was at, I decided to take a day trip to Vienna.

If you’ve been to Bratislava, you know that the city is very small and that most sites can be seen in one day.

Getting to Vienna from Bratislava is extremely easy. There are several buses departing both bus stations in Bratislava throughout the day. The ride costs between 5€ to 7€ and takes about an hour and a half with Flixbus and RegioJet.

I was excited to see a new city, one I was not expecting to see when I started my European trip, and set foot in a brand new country. All was going well but…

My first view of Vienna SUCKED! Looking through the window of the bus, this is what I saw:

Rainy day in Vienna

Pure shit!

Luckily there was a mall by the bus station where I waited for about an hour for the skies to clear. Finally I was able to make my way into the city.

First Impressions

The first impression I got from Vienna was similar to the one I got from Prague…..a crowded nightmare!

People everywhere I looked! Crowds and crowds of individuals lining up to take pictures of that statue here or of that building there. Let me be clear: it is IMPOSSIBLE to take a clear shot of anything in Vienna.

So many people…

So to take a half-a-decent picture of anything I either had to yell at people to get out of my frame, or simply just be patient. I tried to be patient, I really did, but ended up having a stare-down battle with an old woman for whispering to her to get the F out of my frame.

Soooooo, after all that anger and drama were over, I finally began to appreciate Vienna.

Walking Through Vienna

Because of the rain I missed the city tour I was planning on joining. So that meant that I was on my own to roam around the city.

With no idea where to start, I started walking through the old city center, and geez is it beautiful!

Vienna’s architecture is on another level. Cities do not impress me easily, but Vienna did. In fact, the city is so amazing it made me feel as if I was walking through a museum at all times. There is beautiful architecture on every street.

Everywhere I looked there was either a statue, a courtyard, an opera house, or something that would leave me in awe.

Statues of Vienna Open-air views of Vienna Vienna's historic district

My Favourite Spot

My favourite spot in Vienna was outside of the city center, and I stumbled on it by pure accident.

Naschmarkt, a market that saw its origins in the 16th century, which now boosts countless restaurants, food and fruit stalls and souvenir shops.

I did notice the prices were relatively higher than in bigger restaurants located in passer-by streets throughout the city

The ambience at Naschmarkt is lively, and is the perfect spot to people-watch during summertime as many restaurants, if not all, have sitting terraces outside.

Chilling Spots

Surprisingly enough for a big city, Vienna has many “chilling spots” throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for a park to sit on the grass or just an open-air area where to enjoy the good weather, Vienna has it.

The Museum Quartier, located in Vienna’s 7th district, not only has many museums and baroque architecture at display, but also has a huge open-air area where to sit down and take the sun rays.

Somehow I forgot to take pictures of the Museum Quartier, so here is one from one block before 🙂

Resselpark, just outside of Karlplatz station, is another green area I quite enjoyed. Close to the city center but far enough from crowds, Resselpark has the perfect ambiance to get away from the concrete jungle feeling.

Views of Resselpark, Vienna

Schloss Belvedere has a magnificent and huge green area overlooking the city, excellent to rest your feet after a long day walk (at least that’s what I did). Although a bit far from some other attractions and neighbourhoods, a detour to see this massive castle and its beautiful yard are definitely worth it.

Schloss Belvedere

My day trip to Vienna went better than expected. I discovered a brand new city and found a favourite spot in it. What are your best day trip discoveries?

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