A country plagued with rich history and beautiful sights, this is China! Come with me as I travel through China for a full year while living the expat life in China.

Things to Know Before Moving as an Expat to China

Whether you’re moving to China as an expat, or just visiting China for a long time, here are some crucial things you must know before you come. Enjoy!


Changchun: It’s Good Enough

Changchun, the city I know call home.

Check all there is to see and do in this not-so-touristy but colourful part of northeast China!

Changchun, it’s really good enough 🙂

My First Taste of a Train Ride in China

Did she just throw a fish bone to the floor?
Why did she just take a picture of me?
What do you mean I have no seat?!?!?!

These are just some of the questions that came to mind as I was riding my first train ride in China. Read on to know more.

Rocking a Weekend in Shenyang

Have you heard of Shenyang?
This beautiful city in the northeast part of China is one off-the-beaten-path, and a beautiful one.

Get to know Shenyang and all there is to it in this amazing travel guide to Shenyang.

My First Few Hours In China

My first few hours in China were already testing me. From getting through customs to being harshly cut in line, to almost half a plane falling ill to motion sickness, China wasn’t messing around.

Here are all the details.