My Favorite Things About Montreal

Talk to any Montrealer and they’ll tell you, our city is far from perfect….but then again, which city is? With its potholes turning into sinkholes, its government corruption and its never-ending constructions sites, Montreal often makes it very hard to even like her. On the other hand, with its many summer festivals and events, it…

Discover Bratislava

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, was made infamous by movies like Eurotrip and Hostel. Truth be told, the city of Bratislava is not on many travellers’ radars. The capital of Slovakia is small and all its points of interest can be covered in 24 hours. So why did I decide to go?

Zakopane – Hike To Morskie Oko

It’s no secret that I love hiking, and that I have an ever-growing dislike for big cities, which is kind of ridiculous for someone currently travelling through Europe. So when I heard about Zakopane and the possibility of doing a hike  to  Morskie Oko lake, I thought to myself, “hells yeah!”.

A DIY Guide Of Berlin

There are many places that will prove to be expensive, mainly due to the price some people spend on guided tours. Luckily, Berlin is not one of them. The capital of Germany is not only rich in history and architecture, but it is also one with many sights and activities all over. Best of all,…

Like A Local In Berlin

I didn’t know it then, but my little trip to Sogamoso in Colombia would indirectly lead me to Berlin. While on that now infamous hike that almost killed everyone in the group, I befriended a girl from Berlin who offered me to stay at her place if I was ever in Berlin. A month and…