Ultimate Guide To Wroclaw

It was almost a surprise to myself that I decided to stretch my stay in Poland, but I wanted to see more of the country. After my quartet of shit experiences in Krakow, I decided to give a Polish city a 2nd chance, so I booked a ticket to Wroclaw. Share on Tumblr

Like A Local In Berlin

I didn’t know it then, but my little trip to Sogamoso in Colombia would indirectly lead me to Berlin. While on that now infamous hike that almost killed everyone in the group, I befriended a girl from Berlin who offered me to stay at her place if I was ever in Berlin. A month and…

What To Pack For A Trip To Peru

We’ve all been there…..the moment we are ready to pack and we look at everything we have and ask “what the hell do I pack?” If you’re heading to one destination with only one type of weather, say the Caribbean, then the task of knowing what to pack becomes much easier. But if your plan is…

Unauthentic Playa Del Carmen

Amigo amigo! Masaje? Amigo amigo! Vamos a Isla Conzumel? Amigo amigo! Whatever you buy from me, tip is not included eh! Harassing touts, mediocre food, crowded streets, and ridiculous prices…….this very much sums up my time in Playa del Carmen.