Are Parisiens Rude?

Are they??? Really??? But, everyone seems to love Paris!!! So, why is it that Parisiens are perceived as being rude? Like a girl who knows she is hot, or a guy who knows he’s a pretty boy, humbleness sometimes has a tendency to become rudeness. Are the residents of Paris like that? Or is it me seeing…

An Unexpected Good Time In Gent

How I ended up in Gent is a story of its own. Let’s just say that it was recommended by a Belgian traveller I met during my time in Colombia. Gent is a port city situated in the northwest part of Belgium. Disadvantageously located between Brussels and Bruges, many travellers pass through Gent without stopping,…

Unauthentic Playa Del Carmen

Amigo amigo! Masaje? Amigo amigo! Vamos a Isla Conzumel? Amigo amigo! Whatever you buy from me, tip is not included eh! Harassing touts, mediocre food, crowded streets, and ridiculous prices…….this very much sums up my time in Playa del Carmen.

My Time In Mexico City

Since I left home at the start of the year my plans have been all over the place. I started wanting to go to Argentina and Bolivia and I instead went to Colombia. I wanted to go to Europe and now I’ve ended up in Mexico City.

Out Of Water On An 8 Hour Hike

Thirsty, hot, tired, out of water…desperate. These are the thoughts that went through my mind as the entire group had run out of water only after 3 hours on an 8-hour hike. Altitude sickness, 30 degrees sun, then the cold at 3700 meters above sea level (m.a.s.). These are the facts we had to deal…