Scolded By North Korean Military

As a child, I had been scolded many times for things I did which I clearly told not to do. As an adult, things are different when you’re being scolded. Especially when the scolding is given by North Korean military. Share on Tumblr

24 Hours In Beijing

I had planned to flee (yes, flee) for a few days to Beijing for a while, if not for anything but to escape the boredom of yet another weekend in Changchun. So I drafted a plan to visit China’s capital for a weekend, even if that meant taking 2 overnight trains in 3 nights.

A Few Odd Things About Beijing

Beijing, like any other capital in the world, has its quirky things about it. As one of the oldest capitals in the world, Beijing has much to do and see within and beyond its city limits. It also has many one things that, as a first time visitor, might strike you.

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Changbaishan And Heaven Lake

I just couldn’t believe it. After almost a full day and a half of travelling by train, two police stations, and getting kicked out of two different hotels in two different cities, I had finally made it to Erdaobaihezhen. I was worried about the bad omen following me so far, and I certainly didn’t want…