The Struggles of Taking Photos As A Travel Blogger

As travel bloggers, taking pictures of the places we go to and the sights that we see is an essential part of what we do. After all, it is with our words but especially our images that we inspire others to go out and see the world. But many do not know of the struggle…

Underwhelmed By Budapest

Is Budapest worth visiting? After a week of hearing from pretty much every traveller I met that I absolutely HAD to go to Budapest, I came with big expectations. To my big surprise, I am now leaving quite unimpressed by Budapest.

Discover Bratislava

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, was made infamous by movies like Eurotrip and Hostel. Truth be told, the city of Bratislava is not on many travellers’ radars. The capital of Slovakia is small and all its points of interest can be covered in 24 hours. So why did I decide to go?

The Hard Parts of Long Term Solo Travel

Many people see travelling the world as a long vacation. Many refer to it as “living the dream”. And for the most part, they’re right; travelling the world is a dream that many have but very few can or do take the step forward towards it. But like everything there is a hard part to…