Canada, the country I’ve called home for over 20 years. The place that welcomed me from my native South America and that, although it’s taken me some time, I have begun to travel and discover. Check out my reviews on my favorite, and not so favorite, cities in Canada.

4 Things I Love to Hate About Montreal

Maybe it’s because Montreal is my home, but it is definitely easy to like Montreal at 100%.

Here is what I love to hate the most about my city; from the worst attractions to the inefficiencies of the city.


My Favorite Things About Montreal

Yes, there are 4 things I love to hate about Montreal, but there are so many more that I actually like about this great city I call home.

Read about the best things to do and see while in this multicultural city with this travel guide to Montreal.


The Best Sights in Quebec City

The cradle of French in North America, Quebec City. With its beautiful old town, and amazing natural wonders to keep you busy for days.

Read all about Quebec City and what to do and see in the capital of “La Belle Province” in this Quebec City travel guide.


Best Day Trips From Montreal

Need to escape the city? Here are the best day trips to take out of Montreal.

Ottawa, Quebec City, the Adirondacks in the USA, Mont Tremblant. All within a few hours drive from Montreal!



How My Girlfriend Turned Into An Andrenaline Junkie

How can a quiet girl who loves nothing more than spas and beach resorts become an adrenaline addict?

Read on to learn about my experience of turning my girlfriend into an adrenaline junkie.



Sorry Toronto, But I Just Didn’t Get You

Toronto, you have failed to impress me, and now we need to have a talk about what the matter is with you.

From the bad to the ugly of Toronto, here is how it all went down on my last visit to this huge city.