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Tips For Travelling Safely In South America

Safety is a concern when travelling in South America. Having visited 7 countries and over 30 cities in this amazing continent, here is my list of safety tips to stay safe while still enjoying travelling through South America.

11 Life Lessons Learned From Travelling The World

I have always said that travelling teaches you more about life and about who you are than any school in the world.

After almost 4 months of being on the road, here is what I’ve learned.

After 2 Months On The Road, My Travel Habits Have Changed

After having travelled extensively for the last 10 years, a month at a time, I really believed I had my travel self figured out.

I knew what type of traveller I was, my preferences and all….I was wrong.

After 2 consecutive months on the road, I have come to discover a new travel-self. One who no longer puts up with certain things my old 9-to-5 traveller could.


About That Time I almost Drowned Scuba Diving in Galápagos Islands

Scuba diving can be a dangerous sport, where anything going wrong can mean harm or possibly death.

This is about the time I almost drowned while scuba diving in the Galápagos Islands.

My 2017 Travel Bucket List

Everyone has bucket lists. From the world’s most dangerous hike in China to volunteering at an orphanage, here is my travel bucket list for 2017.

Included is the list of things I have already crossed off my list!!!

What are your travel goals this year?

Huaraz – The Time Altitude Kicked My Butt

Trekking is a common activity for me during my travels, especially in high altitudes.
Here is the story of how altitude almost won, still kicked my butt, but I still made it up to Laguna 69.


The Awesome Art of Price Haggling While Abroad

As a traveller, there are many situations in which we are overcharged for prices. This article discusses techniques on negotiating prices while abroad.

Machu Picchu – To Trek or Not to Trek

What is the best way to experience Machu Picchu?

Is it by trekking its treacherous mountains and walk the 4-day Inca Trail? Or is it by taking a no-frills 1-or-2-day tour to the top?

Join me as I discover the pros and cons for both options.


Why I Just Can’t Do All-Inclusive Resorts

Everyone travels differently, I know that. And I respect everyone’s travel choices of spending their time and hard-earned money as they feel is best for them. But I, for one, cannot handle the idea of taking vacation and spending it at an all-inclusive resort.

There is something about being asked to go to a resort that insults me to the core, and gives me shivers in the spine when I think about the experiences that I will not get to have.

Leaving the Cubicle

One of my good friends once told me: “having to work is so bad, that they have to pay you to do it”.

Read about a series of events which led me to quit my job and travel the world.

New Delhi’s Travel Agency From Hell

Has there ever been a time when you wanted something?…like, you REEEAAALLLY wanted something so FREAKING BAD??? But what it took to get to that something was soooo painfully awful that you curse yourself for ever wanting that thing in the first place and vow yourself to never want something like that again, ever!!! Well, let me tell you about the time I wanted to see the Taj Mahal, and booked with the wrong travel agency.

 An Unpredictable Safari in Tanzania

Anything can happen during an African safari. Animals in general are quite unpredictable, and wild animals are even more so when you’re in their territory.

Now add people and their individuality into an unfamiliar situation and you end up with a large piece of “anything can happen”.

Read about my experience in what was a totally unpredictable safari.

 How a Trip to Tanzania Helped Me Cope With Depression

In life there are those once-in-a-lifetime events that quickly come and go and, without realizing it at the moment they have changed your life.

Here I tell my story on how a trip to Tanzania helped me cope with a depression I had been struggling with for almost a year.

 Trabzon – Off-the-Beaten-Path and a Sleepless Night

My last stop in Turkey was in Trabzon, to visit the Sumela Monastery. An off-the-beaten-path location which was simply an amazing discovery…except for a crappy hostel.

 Thailand’s Tuk-Tuk Scam and How I Fell for It…Twice

Day 1 in Thailand was more than I expected. Being literally kidnapped by my tuk-tuk driver and taken to pretty much every tourist trap in town was something I should have seen coming. Paying a deposit for a suit I would never get? I didn’t see that one coming.


Afraid of Travelling Alone? You Shouldn’t Be, Here’s Why

Anytime I announce another solo trip, I get reactions at home that range between sheer amazement (“Wow! Alone?? Really??”) to overreacted concern (“you’ll get kidnapped!”).

But solo travel can bring some of the most amazing experiences one will ever live. Here are my reasons why you shouldn’t fear travelling alone.


Preparing a Gap Year

While the concept of taking a gap year is quite amazing, PREPARING for it really really REEEAAALLLY sucks!

Here is a list of the obvious and the not so obvious when preparing your gap year adventure.